Design Engineering

Thanks to a vast experience in different areas of the nautical world we are able to offer a consultancy service that covers the entire development of the boat, from the presentation of the initial sketches up to final delivery to the customer. We avail ourselves of the collaboration of some of the the major naval engineering studios to create unique products that also satisfy requests of the most demanding owners.
This allows us to consider every single detail without leaving anything to chance.

The engineering phase plays a fundamental role in every project we created since first proposal presented to the customer. The services offered help streamline the processing procedure of the customary project charged to the yard, speeding up and optimizing the construction.

Concept - Styling

Elaboration of the idea behind the project, presentation of the concept to the client.
The aesthetic study is developed by placing particular attention to product feasibility.

Construction - Project management

At this stage we work closely with the technical office of the construction site, in order to offer a series of services, engineering and project supervision aimed at optimize the development of the boat.


Particular attention is paid to the control in construction site during each stage of production for ensure that every customer request is met.

Offered Services

  • 3D parametric modeling of numerically controlled molds;
  • Creation of related 2D technical drawings for the use of the molds;
  • Study and optimization of geometries based on the construction processes used;
  • Modeling and related technical construction drawings of molds for one-off production, in MDF panels;
  • Comparison with the site's technical office and production support through processing 2D and 3D construction drawings;
  • Collaboration with the site's technical office or third parties to optimize the development of the project;