Concept 10 mt Tender

Currently under development, this Limo tender represents a really important project for the studio from several points of view. The sinuous and sporty lines enhance the luxurious soul of this one off unit, the technical and stylistic features are the result of several years of experience gained in the world of tenders.


The aim was to create a boat that could meet the different needs of the owner, in particular the aft area was designed to be easily reconfigurable by transforming the project from yacht into supply vessel or explorer to the need. . The aft deck features a swimming pool with large solarium and living areas, a large shading cover can be installed at the extreme stern and the furniture can be easily removed, leaving room for a touch & go heliport. The characteristics that distinguish this unit and that make it unique in this category have been enhanced, the biomimetic structure shown on the side and in different environments of the boat was inspired by the ribbing of the leaves.

“Everything you can imagine, nature has already created it” Albert Einstein

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the Rosetti Super Yachts team, we were able to study an aft garage area that can be transformed into a beach club if necessary by lowering the ceiling. The folding sides open laterally, expanding the environment into two large terraces. Forward of this area is a gym with a spa illuminated by natural light that passes through the glass bottom of the swimming pool on the first deck. The generous interior spaces are amply lit by large windows that allow guests to better enjoy the interaction with the surrounding nature, the innovative stylistic choices were strongly desired to break the mold of the traditional yachts of the moment.

CNI 58 Concept

This 58-footer represents a truly innovative project for its category. The extremely sporty line gives it a very low profile without depriving it of volume in the interior spaces. Being a boat for true lovers of the sea, particular importance has been given to outdoor spaces; in this standard configuration there is a large sundeck at the stern, a dining area that can be configured as needed, a kitchen and wheelhouse.

There is a generous full-beam owner’s area inside, with kitchen, dinette, bathroom with separate shower and king-size bed in the bow. At the stern, in division with the engine room, a crew cabin has been positioned which is accessed through an independent entrance hidden in the cabinet behind the wheelhouse.

The external top that covers the entire command area and the galley has been designed to be able to move forward until it joins the windshield so as to form a single surface to improve aerodynamic performance and comfort during high-speed navigation. It is also very useful for placing the boat in shelter or for being able to use it in adverse weather conditions.

CNI 64 Concept

This 64-foot boat is characterized by a truly sporty look and a configuration that guarantees excellent comfort in every area. The external cockpit houses a large living area with seats arranged on each side, kitchen cabinet, wheelhouse and access door to the sleeping area. At the stern, a generous sundeck overlooks the small beach that can be equipped on request with a platform movement system.

Inside there are two large cabins to accommodate up to 4 guests, divided from the engine room with the full beam crew area.


C Tender is a boat that encompasses all the characteristics of a poket yacht in 12 meters. The innovative materials with which it is made, the careful ergonomic study and the sporty and elegant line represent the elements that distinguish it.

The hull, made of fiberglass and Kevlar, allows extreme lightness and at the same time high resistance and marine qualities able to satisfy even the most experienced pilots. The ability to choose outboard engines, as in the beta version presented at Cannes in 2018, accentuates the sporty soul of the C Tender 38, which reaches a top speed of around 50 knots.

For lovers of the free stern, the outboard engines allow the large aft bridge to transform into a spacious beach club on the water, equipped with induction plates, TV, ice maker and sound system, able to accommodate 12 guests and share the pleasure of a day on the open sea.


Organic shapes, moulded by the sea and the wind. Innuendo, the 14th project designed by Phi Design Lab in collaboration with Rosetti Super Yachts, is named after the rock music masterpiece and inspired by its innovative and revolutionary attitude. The result is an explorer yacht that masterfully combines and orchestrates different genres. The project is a combination of aesthetic and functionality, luxury and concern for the environment. This 105 meters motor yacht is powered by hybrid propulsion and designed for a potential owner who wants a long range vessel that can sail for long periods with complete autonomy. Thanks to the generous outside spaces, the owner and their guests will enjoy a unique experience surrounded by nature. The stern area has been designed to accommodate tenders, toys and a helicopter. The upper deck is entirely dedicated to the owner and their guests. The terrace overlooking the pool is a common area with a large dining and living space.

The entire project is developed with the intention of creating a boat with the technical characteristics of an Explorer yacht and a sleek and sporty look.

Phi 27

This project was developed for the Custom Yacht shipyard and presented to the public in 2017.

The fluid lines and the connections between the clearly visible surfaces give it a sporty character not easily found in explorer yachts of this size.

The boat was developed on a hull with a maximum width of 7.3 m and the space available was exploited to the maximum by obtaining 3 guest cabins, 2 crew (for 3 members) and a full beam owner’s cabin on the main deck at bow.

Phi 33

This boat was presented after the 27 PHI project and represents the big sister of the Explorer line, developed for the Custom Yacht yard.

The lines proposed for the previous 27 m model have been reworked making the most of the hull length. The result is an aesthetically well-balanced explorer yacht with military and sporting traits.

In the standard configuration there are 4 guest cabins, 3 double crew cabins, a full-beam owner’s cabin on the main bow deck and the captain’s cabin on the upper deck.


This boat, called Path, was born from the idea of ​​modernizing the angular lines of old work boats, without betraying their original structure and philosophy. It is a 44-meter explorer, capable of accommodating up to 10 guests and 4 sailors, enhanced by the presence of large common areas, designed to offer a high level of comfort during navigation and at anchor. In particular, the internal and external spaces guarantee an integral liveability of the boat and allow to host parties and receptions of all kinds. The owner’s cabin, located on the extreme part of the bow, is directly connected to the first deck, through which it is possible to easily access all areas of the boat.

This cabin has large full-height windows that integrate homogeneously with the installation of photovoltaic panels on the sides. The guest cabins are located on the lower deck and can be accessed through the common area of ​​the main deck. Studying this boat, particular attention was paid to the application of renewable energy, providing a hybrid propulsion system (diesel-electric) able to exploiting electricity for short trips, maneuvers in port areas and protected areas inaccessible, otherwise. The energy supply is guaranteed by the presence of large photovoltaic surfaces present on the walls and on the area reserved for the heliport, as well as thanks to the installation of silicon solar cells with which the windows are equipped. The energy obtained from this supply system is stored in special batteries located in a technical area located aft of the engine room.

MYG 25

The MYG 25 is one of the first projects proudly presented by the studio.
It is a 25-foot tender made entirely of pre-impregnated carbon sandwich with a Nomex core and can also be used as a boat for day trips.
The innovative materials used give it high performance and maximum lightness, therefore it can be easily positioned on board yachts that are not necessarily large.
The layout adapts perfectly to different availments of the boat. In fact, it has a double seat at the stern, on both sides, and a sundeck at the bow at the same level as the gunwale for direct contact with the sea.